If you have to have surgery, you can save thousands of dollars by having surgery in Dr. Westermeyer’s dedicated operating room located in his office. This is especially true if you don’t have insurance or if you have a high deductible. The reason being, that the cost of a surgery center or hospital is many more times than the actual surgical fee. The cost of most surgeries is not much more than a month or two of an insurance premium.

Fully equipped operating room

Dr. Westermeyer’s office has a fully equiped dedicated operating room where you can have painless surgical correction of common foot conditions such as: bunionectomy, hammertoe correction, Morton’s neuroma removal, plantar fasciotomy for plantar fasciitis/heel spur, ganglion or synovial cyst removal, removal of bone spurs and soft tissue tumors, lumps and bumps.

ArthroCare TOPAZ Wand

Our operating room is also equiped with the ArthroCare TOPAZ Wand device which is one of the latest advancements in curing PLANTAR FASCIITIS (1st step heel pain/heel spur) without making an incision. The TOPAZ wand is a minimally invasive procedure. TOPAZ produces an intense radio frequency that vaporizes the diseased plantar fascia stimulating it to heal. This allows you to be back to your normal activity in a much shorter time then other standard forms of treatment. Achilles tendinitis and other tendon problems of the foot are also very successfully treated with TOPAZ in the office.


specialty x-ray machines

We have a special X-Ray machine that allows us to perform “weight bearing” X-Rays or “standing” X-Rays of the foot and ankle right in the office. Weight bearing X-Rays are very important in accessing the true structure of your foot. The typical X-Ray machine used by hospitals and large clinics don’t have the ability to take a true “weight bearing” X-Ray.


orthotic lab

Our office has an orthotic lab where we can make alterations and adjustments on the spot to your shoe and orthotic or make a temporary orthotic on the spot for you.