Dr. Westermeyer lives an active life!

Dr. Westermeyer has a command of biomechanical science and also has been an avid competitive athlete all of his life. So he not only understands the aspirations of the sports medicine patient but understands the quickest way to recover from sports injuries. Dr. Westermeyer used to run 25 miles a week but has given up running for cycling 150 miles per week and consistently does weight training to stay competitive at surfing, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, organized motorcycle road racing and racquet sports.

motorcycle racing

Here is Dr. Westermeyer #94 in turn 4 at Willow Springs International Raceway leading the pack and winning the race on his GSX-R 1000.



Dr. Westermeyer is an avid surfer who takes sojourns to Mexico, Hawaii and other locations to enjoy time with friends and catch waves for fun and exercise. Here he is pictured at North Shore Hawaii, Rocky Point. AKA Rocky Rights. Crystal clear water and beautiful coral bottom! Recently, he just got a new Rich Pavel fish surfboard from a joint effort from family and friends. His son-in-law, Nick, owns Thalia Surf Shop located in Laguna Beach, CA.


Skiing & Snowboarding

Dr. Westermeyer loves to powder ski to put it simply. Pictured below he is ready to make first tracks down a secret stash somewhere in Idaho!